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Using an Interior Designer is more then just hiring someone to pick pretty fabrics or the correct color of paint. Hiring an Interior Designer is having a professional on your “team” while you are making decisions for your home or office. From Concept to Completion, we work with you to be sure that utilization of space is optimized, products selected are fit for the purpose intended and the best options are selected.

Preview your remodeling project with a rendering!

When viewing a rendering like this you can visualize your remodeling project before it starts. Great way to make design decisionsThis rendering was created from our design plans so our client could see what their 1980 bathroom could look like in 2017! Rather then guess what a final room will look like, once we have created the floor plan and selected finish materials we can “render” the room to show our clients what the space will look like when work is completed. This allows us to avoid costly changes in the middle of a project. 

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Design Tips!

Working with an Interior Designer can SAVE you money. When a designer draws up a  master plan that includes a color palette, furniture layout and sizes of pieces to use,  it can help you can avoid making “costly errors” . A trained professional has the vision to see an entire project before it is finish and can help guide you towards the right decisions. This is especially important when remodeling a home or building a new one.  A professional can let you know if the spaces created or being modified will be right for your life style and/or existing furnishings.